Want to work somewhere your hard work and reliability is truly appreciated and supported? At Maid on Earth, we’ve built our business over the past few years by supporting our employees above all else. You are our #1 asset and we work hard to show it everyday. We are an equal opportunity employer.

Employee vs. Independent Contractor

It might seem like you’re earning more money as an independent contractor, but probably not. When you factor everything in, you are usually making less money as an independent and you have lots more liability! As an independent contractor you need to save and pay your own taxes which are usually higher because of self employment tax. You also need to pay for a business license and business liability insurance. On top of all that, you have no benefits!

As an employee you don’t have to worry about taxes, you have unemployment and workers’ compensation insurance and much less to worry about than an independent contractor. You also don’t risk losing money. Many times an independent contractor is liable for paying out of pocket expenses that can be higher than their income for a given period. This leads to losses and can greatly impact the amount of money an independent contractor can make.

Maid on Earth uses Employees rather than Independent Contractors