When you get your house cleaned by Maid on Earth eco-friendly cleaning service, you satisfaction is our top priority. If for ANY reason, you are not satisfied with the work performed during your house cleaning service we will send someone back to make the job right.

Time Frame for ReCleaning

http://vt-marine.com/?p=25132 If there are areas that need touch up work or re-cleaning, the service needs to be performed within our guarantee policy time frame. Typically, redo service needs to be schedule and completed within 2 business days of the original cleaning service. That means that for cleanings on a Monday, all re-cleaning work would need to be completed by Wednesday of that week. Friday cleanings would need all re-cleaning work to be completed by Monday of the following week. If the re-cleaning work cannot be performed within this time frame, whether the reason was a conflict with our schedule or yours, the guarantee would revert to discount toward future service.

Discount Toward Future Service

buy neurontin If, due to scheduling conflicts, we were unable to perform a re-cleaning service within the required 2 business day window, we will instead offer a discount equal to the estimated amount of time needed to re-clean the original unsatisfactory areas. The amount offered as a discount for future service will vary depending on the individual situation and circumstances. Maid on Earth management staff will work with you to make a determination on a fair and reasonable discount offer.