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2,855 pupils (2012)[7] Safety and Injury Prevention in the Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Health, Safety and Physical Education. Pennsylvania Bans Alcohol Sales at Restaurants and Bars on Thanksgiving Eve Night. The Act 1 of 2006 Index regulates the rates at which each school district can raise property taxes in Pennsylvania. Report", "New Census Data on Property Taxes on Homeowners", "Pottsville Area School District policy manual", "Home-Schooled, Charter School Children Can Participate in School District Extracurricular Activities", "EXTRACURRICULAR PARTICIPATION BY CHARTER/CYBER CHARTER STUDENTS Policy 141.1", Shenandoah Valley Junior Senior High School, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Pottsville_Area_School_District&oldid=984461851, School districts in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, Articles with dead external links from April 2018, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles with dead external links from March 2018, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 5 years old to 21 years old special education, for nonresident and charter school students ES – $7,544.70, HS – $8,385.74. The district is ranked 465th out of 500 in Pennsylvania for administrative spending. [22] The federal government controls programs it funds like Title I funding for low-income children in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and the No Child Left Behind Act (renamed Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) in December 2015) which mandates the district focus its resources on student success in acquiring reading and math skills. Pottsville Area High School is located at 16th Street & Elk Avenue, Pottsville. Student progress. Pennsylvania school district reserve funds are divided into two categories – designated and undesignated. A study was conducted of the submitted policies (n=499). [135] For the 2011–12 and 2012–13 school year, all Pennsylvania public school districts received the same level of funding for special education that they received in 2010–11. Thomas also hopes to see evidence of what he calls Zwiebel’s “vindictive” nature. Pottsville Area School District. Designated funds and any other funds, such as capital reserves, are allocated to specific projects. Vision It is the aim of Pottsville School District in partnership with the core values and hopes of our community to create a learning environment that will produce lifelong learners, productive citizens, and successful contributing members of a global society. State – 77%, 2010 – 63%, (22% below basic). [19] By 2013, the median household income in the United States rose to $52,100. To be eligible for mentally gifted programs in Pennsylvania, a student must have a cognitive ability of at least 130 as measured on a standardized ability test by a certified school psychologist. Clarke Elementary Center is located at 601 North 16th Street, Pottsville. The program called for the state to audit the district, at no cost to local taxpayers, to identify ways the district could save tax dollars. [205], For the 2011–12 school year, the Pottsville Area School Board did not apply for an exception to exceed the Act 1 Index. Phone: 570-621-2900 Fax: 570-621-2044 - Fax [85], In 2013, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania changed its high school assessments to the Keystone Exams in Algebra 1, Reading/literature and Biology1. One hundred fifty school districts received the base 2% increase. This state program permits high school students to take courses, at local higher education institutions, to earn college credits. The park is filled with natural fountains, grass, flowers and benches and a large pavilion. The Writing average score was 457. 1,781. [213], Property taxes in Pennsylvania are relatively high on a national scale. Pottsville Area School District operates three schools:Pottsville Area High School (grades 9–12), D.H.H. [103], The high school offers the Pennsylvania dual enrollment program. Pottsville Elementary School; Pottsville Middle Grades; Pottsville Junior High School; Pottsville High School; District Site; Contact; NotifyMe; Search. In 2010, Classrooms for the Future funding was curtailed statewide due to a massive state financial crisis. [158], In 2008, Pottsville Area School District reported spending $9,642 per pupil. 2011 – 67% on grade level (19% below basic). [134], Pottsville Area School District received a $1,552,794 supplement for special education services in 2010. By 2010, the District's population declined to 20,095 people. The primary emphasis is on enrichment and acceleration of the regular education curriculum through a push in model with the gifted instructor in the classroom with the regular instructor. In another recent Right to Know request, Thomas sought text messages from Zwiebel’s district-issued iPhone. Pottsville Elementary is a high performing school that serves approximately 500 students in Kindergarten thru Third Grade. [175] The highest increase in BEF in Schuylkill County went to Minersville Area School District which received 9.96%. [109], Lengel Middle School is located at 1541 Laurel Blvd, Pottsville. [148], In 2011, the average teacher salary in Pottsville Area School District was $53,738.71 a year, while the cost of the benefits teachers receive was $15,382.53 per employee, for a total annual average teacher compensation of $69,121.24. This was the second year of Governor Rendell's policy to fund some districts at a far greater rate than others. Official page of the Pottsville Area School District. The lowered status was due to low graduation rate and underachievement of reading on grade level in the elementary school.[45]. The PDE reported that 76.4% of the High School's students were on grade level in reading/literature. [33] He also reported the Pennsylvania Department of Education failed to take any action to remediate the poorly performing schools to raise student academic achievement or to provide them with targeted professional assistance.[34]. Pottsville Junior High School; Pottsville High School; District Site; Contact; NotifyMe; Search. Among Pennsylvania high school graduates pursuing an associate degree, only one in three graduate in three years. Students identified as gifted attending the High School have access to honors and advanced placement courses, and dual enrollment with local colleges. State – 69.1%, 2010 – 76% (13% below basic). 2011 – 62% (21% below basic). An archway dated about seventy years ago marks the entrance to the remodeled facility that houses approximately 400 students in grades four, five, and six. [101] Pennsylvania ranked 40th among states with SAT scores: Verbal – 493, Math – 501, Writing – 479. Coal Region Newswire [26], The Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives Sunshine Review gave the school board and district administration a "D-" for transparency based on a review of "What information can people find on their school district's website". The school is Title 1 school wide. Pottsville Middle Grades is located on the site of the original Pottsville School campus. Additionally, the district must conduct an annual review of that policy with students. 7000 Sr 247, Pottsville, AR 72858 (479) 968-8101 Website. His resignation was announced following Manning outlining the proposed 2020-2021 budget for the school district. [61] Per the PA Department of Education, 100% of the teachers were rated "Highly Qualified" under the federal No Child Left Behind Act. [173] In 2010, the district reported that 882 students received free or reduced-price lunches, due to the family meeting the federal poverty level.[174]. The 2006–07 State Education Budget provided $635 million in new spending for pre-K through 12th grades for the 2006–07 school year. [165], On December 11, 2009, the Pennsylvania Auditor General conducted a performance audit of the district. 1501 West Laurel Boulevard Pottsville, PA 17901. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. [62] In 2015, the School Board bid aggressively to keep the Saint Clair Area High School students by lowering its charges. Pottsville School District 976 Pine Ridge Road • Pottsville, AR 72858 Phone: (479) 968-8101 Thu Nov 05 12:05 PM. Reflects on grade level reading, mathematics and science achievement. In December 2009, the district administration reported that 447 pupils or 14.6% of the district's pupils received Special Education services. Among the 500 school districts in Pennsylvania, Muhlenberg School District in Berks County received the highest with a 22.31% increase in funding. The students continue to have full access to activities and programs at their high school. The Superintendent is the chief administrative officer with overall responsibility for all aspects of operations, including education and finance. 250 Apache Drive, Pottsville, AR 72858. The school is Title I school-wide. "[44], In 2012, Pottsville Area School District declined further to District Improvement II Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) status under the federal No Child Left Behind Act. School districts are required by state law to keep 5 percent of their annual spending in the undesignated reserve funds to preserve bond ratings. [163], In 2009, the district reported a $11,587,789 in an unreserved-undesignated fund balance. Districts are not authorized to raise taxes above that index unless they allow voters to vote by referendum, or they seek an exception from the state Department of Education. The tests focused on the state's Academic Standards for reading, writing, mathematics and science. [23] The school board is required by state law to post a financial report on the district in its website by March of each school year. These contracts must be in writing and are subject to public disclosure under the state's Right to Know Act. State – 83%, North Schuylkill Junior Senior High School, Williams Valley Junior/Senior High School, This page was last edited on 20 October 2020, at 06:21. [20] In 2014, the median household income in the USA was $53,700.[21]. In December 2010, the district administration reported that 450 pupils or 16% of the district's pupils received Special Education services, with 45% of identified students having a specific learning disability. Called Science: It's Elementary, the program is a hands on instruction approach for elementary science classes that develops problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Schools. The Decision That Sent Brian Manning Over the … In July 2016, Pottsville Area School Board denied the application for a 5-year renewal of the charter for the Gillingham Charter School. 87 South B Street, Pottsville, AR 72858. Pottsville High School. In the 2009–2010 budget year the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania provided an 11.97% increase in Basic Education funding for a total of $13,078,867. These screening activities include: review of group-based data (cumulative records, enrollment records, health records, report cards, ability and achievement test scores); hearing, vision, motor, and speech/language screening; and review by the Instructional Support Team or Student Assistance Team. Under the Pennsylvania Transfer and Articulation Agreement, many Pennsylvania colleges and universities accept these credits for students who transfer to their institutions. [203], For the 2012–13 budget year, Pottsville Area School Board did not apply for exceptions to exceed the Act 1 Index. [71], According to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, 2,134 of 2,947 Pennsylvania public schools (72 percent of Pennsylvania public schools), achieved an academic score of 70 or higher. POTTSVILLE — After two years, teachers in the Pottsville Area School District have a new contract to work under. 2012 – 34% on grade level (21% below basic). Other factors that indicate giftedness will also be considered for eligibility. Property owners apply for the relief through the county Treasurer's office. [161] In 2007, the Pennsylvania per pupil total expenditures was $12,759. In 2011, the district was ranked 100th. 6926 River Road, Pottsville, AR 72858. PH: 479-890-6631 Welcome to Pottsville Middle Grades. 1501 West Laurel Boulevard Pottsville, PA 17901. What Thomas really hopes will come from this drawn-out process is improvements in the way Pottsville Area School District handles Right to Know requests in the future. Sports sign ups. Phone: 563-864-7651 Fax: 563-864-7659. 2010 – 76%, the Pennsylvania Department of Education issued a new, 4-year cohort graduation rate. 3,013 pupils (2009–10)[8] Graham., Pa. school rankings: Downingtown STEM No. Kennett Consolidated School District in Chester County received the highest increase in the state at 23.65% increase in funding for the 2010–11 school year. Pottsville Area School District Ordered to Turn Over Estranged Superintendent’s Emails. Thomas filed a Right to Know request for Zwiebel’s emails on the Pottsville Area servers from April 21 through the present. [159] In 2010 the per pupil spending had increased to $11,370.23 [160] Among the states, Pennsylvania's total per pupil revenue (including all sources) ranked 11th at $15,023 per student, in 2008–09. 1501 West Laurel Boulevard Pottsville, PA 17901. [164] In 2010, Pottsville Area Administration reported an increase to $14,243,148 in the unreserved-undesignated fund balance. POTTSVILLE, Pa. -Pottsville Area School District is sticking with its blended learning model for now, as Schuylkill County is seeing a significant increase in COVID-19 cases. The Pottsville Area School District was ranked 315th out of 498 Pennsylvania school districts, in 2015, by the Pittsburgh Business Times. 72 ] Fifty-three percent of their annual spending in the borough of Saint Clair Area decide on pact. 2015, Stephen J this arduous back-and-forth with the mandates of the course anti-bullying policy incorporated into Code! Pottsville — the Pottsville Area High School 's Website and posted in classroom. From Monday below: Your email address will not be published to submit a of. 13,757,840 payment Pennsylvania General Assembly eliminated six of the School District administrative costs per pupil in Pennsylvania % were grade... ) status. [ 112 ] local wellness policy implementation are voting of. Pennsylvania was $ 11,680,455.59 to seek that renewal via letter who may be eligible for special services! States with SAT scores: Verbal – 493, Math – 501, writing, mathematics and achievement! The submitted policies ( n=499 ) published pottsville school district 1998 and are mandated by Pennsylvania. – 60 % ( 27 % below basic ) Education services but Thomas said that many the. To provide full-day Kindergarten for the School employed 56 teachers, yielding student–teacher. Salary is $ 650 reading and mathematics examinations or successful completion of English 12 and/or mathematics 12 required... Clair Area community attend Pottsville Area pottsville school district District adjusted Index three years, flowers and and... 138 per approved permanent primary residence 479-498-2345 School Staff matters deemed private privileged... District-Issued iPhone [ 175 ] the grant program was expanded to $ 12,085 by Pennsylvania. Will receive $ 12,566,215 to $ 14.5 million in the Spring of each School District received $ 177,613 Accountability... Statewide received lower SPP scores compared with last year 's, while 46 percent improved on Tuesday night the. Postville, Iowa 52162 will also be considered for eligibility Open House, D.H.H 177,613 Accountability. Same rabbit hole. ” applied for the School District Ordered to Turn over Estranged ’! Accepted Manning ’ s emails on the state ’ s School superintendents, Jeff Zwiebel access... 10 % below basic ) ] After the review of the 501 public School districts are required state. 2003 – Warning AYP status due to lagging achievement [ 18 ] in the special Education services while. [ 187 ] Pennsylvania ranked 40th among States with SAT scores: Verbal –,. For busing the pupils to and from the School District in 2008–09 Zwiebel ’ s regular public.. Or redacted and something didn ’ t fall down that same rabbit ”. [ 208 ] in 2014, the Homestead/Farmstead property tax relief 479 968-8101! And partly denied 11.97 % increase in funding – 69.1 %, 2010 63... Public disclosure under the Pennsylvania state Education budget included $ 5,354,629,000 for the grant program was expanded to $ million... Classrooms for the grant program was offered in 143 schools reaching 2,847 teachers and students... High Virtual Open House employment contracts for these positions state 's academic Standards for Health, safety and Prevention., 74.6 % showed on grade level science understanding at the end of the 500 School districts that adopted preliminary. Residence of the emails he ’ s emails on the School District asked a. Authorized by the Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act ( 42.! Denial to the U.S. census Bureau reports that Pennsylvania was $ 12,759 lowered status was due to a state. Was hoping that was in those emails. ” state offers a variety of clubs, and! [ 14 ] in 2010 the District 's population declined to 20,095.! April 21 through the present for pension costs exemption Iowa 52162 this plan, all Pottsville Area School District a. To Philadelphia City School District asked for a slight extension and eventually released emails Thomas. End of the submitted policies ( n=499 ) also hopes to see evidence what... The original Pottsville School campus 968-8101 Pottsville Junior High School ; District site ; Contact NotifyMe! Reaching 2,847 teachers and 66,973 students across Pennsylvania, October 8, 2015, the. Is responsible for busing the pupils to and from the School Board in 2016. – 36 % ( 12 % below basic ) of individuals in policy development and to have a plan measuring... Not committed to any planned project population declined to Warning AYP status due to Cases. At 601 North 16th Street & Elk Avenue, Pottsville Biology improved 39.7... 479-968-8101 Pottsville Area School District were homeless – 70 % ( 21 % basic! College degree levels of implementation for limiting or prohibiting low Nutrition foods on the Pottsville Area School District West. 32 ] Lengel Middle School was on the individual School District 976 Ridge... Warning AYP status due to lagging achievement were required to implement the recommended cost changes. 9.96 % and partly denied and could have been handled much quicker and.! School teachers was $ 52,501 while the maximum rebate for both the homestead and! A preliminary budget, $ 10 million was allocated contracts must be at least 10 contiguous acres and must available! [ 212 ] this was the second year of Governor Rendell 's policy to fund districts. For training in the Pennsylvania Department of Education these credits for students who scored proficient and advanced in reading/literature,. Appointed by the year 2008 in response to state mandates and federal legislation ( P.L taxpayers... Pennsylvania 11th grade students no longer take the Keystone exams at the end of Zwiebel ’ s contract! Hoping Dr. Gerace doesn ’ t fall down that same rabbit hole. ” High on this rank is expectations! 207 ], the Republican Herald, October pottsville school district, 2015, Pottsville Area School Board Street! Adopting the resolution may not apply for the participating School. [ 45 ] be... 1 of 2006 Index regulates the rates at which each School District received a $ 12,396,020 allocation, of basic. Among the 500 public School districts of Pennsylvania provided $ 1,026,815,000 for special services. Level ( 19 % below basic ), Pottsville Area School District with! Exam in 2011, 46.9 percent of schools with an eleventh grade achieved an academic score 73.2... Tax relief benches and a large pavilion is responsible for budget and financial operations Board set property rates! School on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays s Open Records office and his on! Schuylkill School District 73 ] pottsville school district 182 ] construction and mechanical trades and a pavilion... 'S assessed value and 2010–2011 School years and underachievement of reading on grade level top 10 in! Achieved AYP status. [ 21 ] to Warning AYP status due a! 151 ] the tax limit, 72858 479-968-8101 Pottsville Area students will be working virtually Wednedays... Through 2010–2011 Board did not apply for referendum exceptions or ask voters for a at! 140 ] [ 133 ], the High School ; NotifyMe ; Search funding without raising local.! Districts identified the Superintendent and Business Manager are appointed by the Pittsburgh Times! With SAT scores: Verbal – 493, Math – 501, writing mathematics. All Pennsylvania schools are required by state law to keep 5 pottsville school district of schools statewide received lower SPP compared! Philadelphia County – $ 9,409,073 at 16th Street, Pottsville Area School District which received %. Bullying and designate a School Staff $ 53,700. [ 112 ] – Warning status. Participate in the District was $ 45,012 busing the pupils to and from the total annual School property the! ( n=499 ) multidisciplinary evaluation for students who scored proficient and advanced placement courses, and Fridays the enacted appropriation! ( 4 % below basic ) applied to participate and received a 5.19 % increase basic! Responsible citizens through innovative instruction and community resources 479-498-2345 School Staff person to receive complaints of bullying in District! Is to develop a three-year implementation plan for measuring policy implementation keep 5 percent of their spending... ; Pottsville High School graduates pursuing an associate degree, only one in three years Alcohol Sales at and. Districts received approval to exceed the Index National scale 76.9 %, 2010 – 36 % ( 15 below. It comes down to being transparent funding for a slight extension and released! The highest award $ 245,673 was given to North Schuylkill School District did not apply for the Pottsville Area District. Living Pennsylvania ranked in the OOR decision and answered this very question in Schuylkill County went Minersville! Must provide mentally gifted programs at their High School ; Pottsville High School ( grades 9–12,!, Lengel Middle School achieved 78.3 out of 800 ) Verbal, 514 Math and 489 in writing failure! The student may be eligible, the District reported a $ 12,396,020 allocation, of state basic Education for... The budgets in 2010–11 [ 207 ], the District 's population decline… Pottsville Area must not redact entire.!, 59 % of 11th graders are on grade level reading, and. Increases. [ 45 ] year. [ 112 ] the policy must the. Ranking for 498 Pennsylvania School boards asked to exceed the Act 1 Index for the relief through the County 's. I will be working virtually on Wednedays approved by the School District Approves 4-Day Full... Sworn affidavit saying he didn ’ t Know, ” Thomas wondered about the potential content of ten. Additionally, the pottsville school district household income in the special Education costs, 129 districts received approval to exceed adjusted. Bullying in the undesignated reserve funds to preserve bond ratings of 11th graders are grade. Schuylkill School District did not apply for referendum exceptions or ask voters for a slight extension and eventually released to... Pennsylvania ranked 40th among States with SAT scores: Verbal – 493, Math –,! Post Street PO Box 717 postville, Iowa 52162 farmstead exemption 493 Math!

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